Discovering Buddha: Lessons for Primary School

This rich compendium of stories, meditations and creative activities will engage both instructors and students in learning about Buddhism and in developing greater self-awareness, wisdom and compassion. This 329 page Resource contains information about:

  • ​basic teachings of Buddhism
  • the life of the Buddha
  • the Jataka Tales and other stories of virtuous actions
  • meditation special days and festivals
  • and many other fun activities.

The classroom strategies in Discovering Buddha complement the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS), in particular Personal Learning, Interpersonal Development and Thinking Processes. For further information on this Resource, orders and for training from our Buddhist instructors in how to use, please contact:

This Resource has been supported generously by the Victorian Multicultural Commission. The Sampler contains front cover, contents and a selection of pages.

Download sections separately here:


The Buddhist Council of Victoria (BCV) is honoured to present Discovering Buddha. The original publication was produced with the assistance, hard work, advice, recommendations, and dedication of numerous people including Judith Macdonald, Sue Smith and Serena Seah with the help of a very generous donation from the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC).

​The manual is beautifully designed to bring the Dhamma/Dharma to a modern audience and would not have been possible without the hard work and commitment of the small team of past and present bRI Instructors: they are the heartwood of the program and this book is a special gift to them. In addition we are grateful to the schools which have welcomed the bRI program, and the class teachers for their willingness to be open to this possibility.